Sunday, September 20, 2009


The G20 Summit has unofficially begun with the arrival of protesters, foreign diplomats, and national guard troops. The first organized march will take place today, Sunday at the Monumental Baptist Church where it will proceed to Freedom Corner.

The focus will be jobs. Quality jobs. The kind with access to quality, affordable health care, and the opportunity to retire some day. Jobs that allow us the opportunity to live the American dream, with dignity and respect the same way our grandparents did. Not a free ride, an opportunity to earn our way in this great land of ours.

The HUDDLER will be attending this MARCH FOR JOBS. A quote from "Caddyshack" is always worth a chuckle... "the world needs ditch diggers to". This is true, however that ditch digger should be able to live and provide for themselves and their family, without working two and three jobs to get by.

We now live and work in a global economy. In America we have laws to protect children, workers, and the environment. We have minimum wage laws. Anti discrimination laws. In other parts of the world there are no such things. We need a level playing field to compete in this global economy.

The United States is one of the only major economic powers where the cost of health care is bankrupting families and businesses. We need to control the cost of health care and make it affordabl. Especially to our manufacturers and small businesses. If a business can not afford health care premiums they drop the coverage.

Who pays for that? Taxpayers? Workers? What happens? Jobs are moved overseas because they can do it cheaper. Why? They are not paying health care premiums that rise between 12 and 18 percent per year.

The HUDDLER will be Marching for Jobs tomorrow;
as we begin this week the HUDDLER will be saying a special rosary for everyone involved.
The police, fire, ems, 911, military and public employees that will be protecting our lives and property, the protesters, may their voices be heard, and may they voice their message without violence, hate, or damage to property. And last but not least to the leaders of the world who will attend this summit. May they make wise decisions that will support working families all over the world.

And please remember our troops that are serving overseas, and here at home. We thank them for placing themselves in harms way so that we have our freedoms.

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