Thursday, September 17, 2009

Esquire Magazine: The feel good issue?

The latest issue of Esquire coming to news stands is supposed to be a "feel good issue". Well the HUDDLER almost puked when reading the Tribune Review: that Governor Ed Rendell has been named to Esquire's list of 'World's 75 Best People list' ??? WTF ???

GAG !!!!!!

The two tests were:

1. Who would you like most to have a drink with?

2. Would you trust this person with your puppy?

Does Esquire do any fact checking?

The HUDDLER would give up Jameson Irish Whiskey and commit several felonies before ever trusting fast Eddy with the four legged version of the HUDDLER.

The HUDDLER wonders how many state workers would trust our good Governor with their puppy?
This is like the Pope giving former President George W. Bush a humanitarian award !!

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