Friday, September 25, 2009


Like most of the City of Pittsburgh, the HUDDLER debated to either skip town, or ride out the G20 summit in an undisclosed bunker. But that isn’t how the HUDDLER rolls.

The HUDDLER went to the clean energy jobs concert-rally Wednesday night. Very light turn out. This was the first time the HUDDLER realized that the city would become an occupied police state during the summit. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. We could list the pros and cons but won’t.

Thursday – The HUDDLER unlike most of the city went to work. Duty calls. Relatively quiet. First reaction is that the City of Pittsburgh Police (including all those from other agencies who were deputized) did a hell of a job along with the other public safety departments in showing restraint and enforcing the law.

The HUDDLER witnessed the stand off down in the strip between protesters and police, and the cops did a great job. There is no doubt that they saved property damage, not to mention protected a key logistical center a few blocks away. If rolling a dumpster down the hill at police is peaceful, the HUDDLER is afraid of what thier definition of violence is.

The HUDDLER wanted to puke after coming home and watching the footage from outside Ritter’s Diner and the students in Oakland. Some of the HUDDLER's favorite stupid citizen video includes the idiot outside Ritter’s that grabbed a cop from behind, and the 110 pound chick who threw her bike at the cops up in Oakland.

The HUDDLER is appalled at the damage, and was dismayed at some of the targets. Hey if they were only busting out windows of some of the larger chains we might forgive them. But busting out the window of the Irish Design Center and other small businesses? (more stupid citizens)

The HUDDLER hopes that someone has footage of these attacks, and the actors are quickly apprehended and held accountable. Some out there have been quick to blame the cops for provoking students? The HUDDLER wonders what the hell they are thinking?

Clearly the bad apples are giving the good citizens who are out to peacfully protest thier cause of choice a bad name. Most of those participating are law abiding God fearing good people. It's a shame that the nation will watch the same video footage and think Pittsburgh.

The HUDDLER will say a Rosary today for all of the protesters and police, for a peaceful protest today. But someone will probably ruin it, the HUDDLER figures that there is probably a better chance of the world's leaders solving the world's financial problems than some idiot not breaking out another window before the end of the summit.


Matt H said...

That girl on the bike clearly was trying to move along and she was pushed twice by the police officers for no reason.


keep judging cops based on 30 second you tube clips that do not show the entire picture.

this female was pushed to keep moving her forward after failing to comply with the officers verbal commands to disperse. the female was never pushed off her feet, and took an offensive position after throwing the bike at the cop.

huddler's prediction:
cop in bike incident cleared of wrong doing.