Thursday, July 16, 2009


The HUDDLER recently received an email from Chief Executive Dan Onorato's "CAMPAIGN" for governor.

For better or worse only in America can one hold elected office, and campaign on the taxpayers time and dime for higher office.

Bram over at the COMET was recalling Danny boys execution of some GEESE in North Park. The HUDDLER finds our Chief Executive at times comical, and likens his politics to an adult version of the childhood game... "DUCK DUCK GOOSE"....

Onorato has continuously ducked the important issues, property taxes, public services, and has also ducked the working people of Allegheny County.

And according to Bram the GEESE too.

Well as the HUDDLER's mummy once said, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck".

Onorato needs to re-brand his style of politics if he wants to move on to Harrisburg, he needs to break ranks with Rendell and come up with fresh ideas to fix our state budget. Slashing services, laying off workers, and leaving existing workers with double and tripple the work, with more and more Pennsylvanians turning to the government for help during these hard times, simply will not work for another four years.

The HUDDLER hopes that Onorato sees this and realizes this before campaigning across Pennsylvania while things here at home are a mess, spending his time, energy, and taxpayer dollars to do so.

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Monk said...

You said: "Onorato needs to re-brand..."

First time I heard anyone talk about a person's 'brand' was Chelsa Wagner during Presidents Election...on KDKA.

Thinking this is Wagner Blog...

I agree Dems. need to distance themselves from Rendell...both Jack and Dan. Should have done so years ago...

This lifelong Dem. is pulling for Tom Corbett...for Gov.

Sorry guys.. both your noses were buried in Rendells butt for last 7 years.

Your party's Brand...will not sell in PA come election time.