Monday, July 13, 2009


Imagine if you will that your pay day comes on friday, and your boss has no money for you? And you have no idea when you will get paid again, you have bills to pay, no money, and you STILL are REQUIRED to go to work and do your job day after day.

This is what State workers are facing. Below is an email the HUDDLER was sent... Please contact your elected officials in Harrisburg and tell them to fix this mess!!

The HUDDLER thanks our friends at Keystone Progress for all of the hard work on this important issue !

We're in the worst economy in 70 years and our state legislators are now considering a bill that will take millions of dollars out of our communities and result in the elimination of more than 8,000 good local jobs in Pennsylvania!
Take action now and learn more about this nasty bill -- Senate Bill 850.
The problem is that our legislators have failed to work with the Governor to sign a state budget and now we're in a crisis.
Instead of finding real long-term solutions to our budget crises, Senate Bill 850 is a "slash and burn" short-term fix that will take millions from important public services leaving thousands of children without health insurance, forcing elderly and people with disabilities from their group homes, and short-changing services for our veterans.
Additionally, because we don't have a state budget, this week state employees who provide vital services for citizens of Pennsylvania will not get paid for their work.
Take action now to tell legislators to work with Governor Rendell to reach a budget the fully funds public services.
What's even more outrageous is that at the same time that state employees will go with "payless paydays," legislative staff will continue to get paid as usual and State Legislators themselves will continue to get their per diem, to the tune of $1000 per week on top of their salaries!
We're in an outrageous situation, and we can place the blame directly at the feet of elected officials in Harrisburg who are too busy posturing and playing politics to find real long-term solutions to our state budget problems.
This is a troubling time, but by sticking together and working with other public employee unions and allies in our communities, we can stop this.
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Forward this message to your friends and family and urge them to take action too.
Thank you for all you do to make Pennsylvania a better place for all of us!
In Solidarity,
The Keystone Progress Team
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