Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Review ....

Working on Sunday …

The federal courts have upheld that it is legal for employers to mandate workers to work on Sundays in violation of their religious beliefs. See the article in the PG.
I would like to see the ruling appealed. I would also like to see what the Supreme Court would say about this. (although I doubt there will even be an appeal) Thank God for Obama, 8 years of Bush appointees to the Federal Bench has been a nightmare for workers and their rights.

I was disappointed that this women did not attempt to make other arrangements such as rotating her days off, or trying to trade shifts with co-workers.

Economic indicators:

Unemployment Rate SOARS to 7.2 percent, The commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s unemployment system is inundated to the point of being paralyzed by the sudden surge of applicants. With the economy being what it is – Rendell needs to fix this problem with the Unemployment Service Centers!! Hire the people to process the UC claims!

The unemployed are without healthcare now, unless the pay for COBRA which is very costly, to the laid off workers, thier employers, and the workers who still have jobs. Everyone loses with COBRA except the insurance companies.


Obama is working hard to stimulate the economy by creating 4.1 million jobs. This is one of many reasons we needed this change in Washington D.C. – What has Bush done to create new jobs? Other than give tax credits to those who move American jobs overseas?

Dan Onorato had decided to help unemployed workers by offering free tuition at Allegheny County Community College. The Huddler hopes that there are some limits on this. Such as a prerequisite to being a county resident for a defined period of time, income requirements, and so on. Danny boy has laid off County workers in the past and never offered this opportunity for free college tuition to them. In addition the County budget and that of CCAC is a mess, I hope that State and Federal dollars are going to pay for this project. The Huddler is in favor of educating these workers and applauds these efforts. Its too bad that Onorato doesn't treat his own workers with the same respect. But then Onorato wasn't running for Governor at the time.

Word on the street is that scalpers can only get face value for the "in demand" playoff tickets.... If you like Steeler football, and can handle the cold wintery mix that has fallen on the region, now is the time to buy tickets.

Local Politics

The word on the street, or at least in the burghosphere this week has surrounded the now infamous Club Pittsburgh. The Comet and Hoagie have had lots of coverage. The Huddler was on the road and has not mastered the blackberry to post to the blog just yet.

The huddler wants to commend both of these guys for really beating out the media on this one. Mark your calendars – yes the Hoagie did a good job. (The Huddler has been accused in the past of being a Hoagie hater.)

The Huddler is wishy washy on this one, I think these guys that own this club are upstanding citizens. Let them fix their legal problems with the club and continue doing all the good they do on a regular basis. Although giving to charitable organizations and politicians does not give anyone a carte blanche to do what the hell they want and break laws – criminal, civil, or ZONING.
With football playoffs upon us, that means the spring primary season is closing in. The Huddler is anxious to hear the word on the street regarding City Council races. Has the Mayor found anyone to run in these races? Who is running for Motznick’s seat? Are there any challengers out there in the Peduto, and Shields races ?

The Huddler will be saying the Rosary for the following this week:

Steve Luncinski passed away. Aka "Little Stevie and Stevie the Castle Prankster" The Huddler had the pleasure of meeting Stevie on more than one occasion and was impressed with him. Mr. Luncinski apparently ran for State Senator at one point. While the Huddler is not familiar with Stevie's politics, Stevie was a great man, and warmed the hearts of everyone he met in life.

The Pittsburgh Police have been busy this week. Unfortunately in two cases officers were required to use deadly force. First during an attempted bank robbery and secondly as the result of a 9 plus hour standoff. Especially when it comes to having to take the life of an individual to protect the life of yourself, another officer, or an innocent bystander. The Huddler will say a special prayer to St. Michael the patron Saint of Law Enforcement for the men and women in blue that serve and protect the City of Pittsburgh.

The Huddler's Dirty Rotten Scoundrel of the week:

If it were legal for citizens to form large mobs and knock on the door of dirty rotten scoundrels the Huddler would be carrying a pitch fork and torch to the home of;

William F. Livorio, 67, was arrested yesterday and charged with 36 counts of theft by deception.

The Huddler believes that all people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However this should be an open and shut case. Mr. Livorio preyed upon elderly senior citizens - took thier money to do renovations, and never completed them! How can the Huddler get on this jury ?


Matt H said...

Thanks for the nice words.

Bram Reichbaum said...

A nice post. Tell me, are you in favor of allowing Jews, Muslims, and whatever to determine their own day off per week as well, or are you talkin' Sundays?

I'd rather see Club Pittsburgh go the legal route, though I've no problem with their business as such. Unless some of the craziness Matt's been posting is actually true.


When the Jews, Muslins, martians, and other religions, show the huddler thousands of years of beliefs- "practices" that call for a "holy day" of the week, I am in full support of it.

SO for the the 7th day adventists and Jews - Saturday would be the equivalent to Sunday.

I'm not saying religion can be related in study period so that teens can get off friday night to pray to the "porcelain god"!!!