Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Huddler has followed the use of cameras and other technologies to observe (spy on) the public for a few years now.

Very few of us expect NOT to be on camera when walking into a bank, grocery store, and most retailers. The Huddler knows these cameras are installed, and operated by the store owners to curtail theft and to provide security for the owner, employees, and customers.

HOWEVER these cameras were never linked to a police station for law enforcement to obeserve and tax dollars have never been used to pay for these technologies.

Now we have tax dollars paying for security in private businesses... With law enforcement monitoring the lawful activities of law abiding citizens....

(This is different than using portable cameras in high crime areas, or even cameras mounted on public poles, monitoring public streets or rights of way, with recording devices that are accessed AFTER a crime has occurred)

What the hell? IF the waterfront wants cameras let the owner of the development pay for them. If they want them monitored - let them pay security guards.

This is a total violation of our rights. Thankfully the Huddler does NOT visit the waterfront very often, and will be doing so even LESS now.

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Anonymous said...

finally someone says something about these camera's - it's like no one cares about the implications just so long keeps the gang bangers from the suburban kids.

you're the first blogger I've seen that has said anything. thanks.

Anonymous said...

You can always move to Mexico or Siberia,
or Alaska if you want.
Face it, those pesky government types are after
us all. And, those dogone Talibanny dudes have
you and I in their crosshairs.

Anonymous said...

I am completely on board with this H. And it is my intention as well to cut back on my Waterfront visits.

And what about the militarization of our local PDs? We'll all be crying in our XBoxes when they kick at the front door.