Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Steelers are the word on the street this week. Burghers all across the world are prepping for the AFC Championship. Fair weather fans are pulling out their jerseys from seasons long ago. Emails are flooding in boxes with pictures of dead ravens. Fans are praying that the temperature becomes bearable before kick off. Others are just happy to stay home, or watch the game indoors with family, friends, and fellow burghers.
The Huddler’s prediction: Steelers 21 – Baltimore 17. Bookies everywhere are going to make a fortune off of this game.

Speaking of backyard rivalries, (or at least 19th ward rivalries) our spring primary is just starting to get interesting. Jim Motznick is bailing out of City Council, to follow his former colleague District Judge Riccardi into the District Judge profession. Motznick is running for a seat held by retiring Judge Charlie McClaughlin. It gets even more interesting now that former democrat, former councilman, and former state representative, Michael Diven is also probable to run for this same office. The Huddler thinks that this is a whole lot of "formers"... I wonder what Motznick will do if he loses? Did the City hire someone to fill former Councilman Jeff Koch's "snow route manager" job?

Read the article from the Trib to get some history here.

Apparently these guys have never heard of the word SOLIDARITY ?? – as The Huddler has never seen such a group of pit vipers!
With Motznick out of the City Council race, (word on the street he was up on Brookline Blvd at the tailor’s getting measured for his new robes, kind of reminds the Huddler of the old fairytale “the emperor’s new clothes”…) However this brings two new and younger candidates to fight it out for this council seat. Names have been flying, and finally two candidates have announced their intentions. A fine Irish lad; Patrick Reilly, who has the support of the Wagner clan. Along with newcomer Natalia Rudiak. Both of these candidates are under 30. Which makes the Huddler very happy. Our City needs this type of change. The Huddler is certain that this race will become even more crowded. We will keep a close eye on this one!!! The Huddler’s early call on this race? Old school politics beats out new school, with Patrick Reilly coming from behind and winning what will certainly be a very close race!

In another City Council race, Theresa Smith continues her march towards succeeding Dan Deasy as representative to City Council District 2. The signs are popping up and look great against that back drop of white snow. The Huddler is predicting Smith of giving her fellow candidates a good old fashioned ass kicking on this one. One of Smith’s contenders sent THE HOAGIE what appeared to be a post card with the wrong last name on it. The Huddler is shocked when he realized that the US Mail charges a first class rate for post cards now a days. The postal service needs to get more competitive with its products considering their volume is down 4%. One poster over at the Hoagie blog indicated that perhaps this other person was actually registered as a voter at the Hoagies address. A quick check of voting records indicated otherwise. There are no ghost voters registered there. However, the Huddler was wondering if the Hoagie returned this item he received in the mail to the post office, since he was clearly NOT the recipient named on the mailing? The Huddler was also wondering who Georgia Blotzer targeted in her mailing. Perhaps some of you out in the burghosphere can let us know IF you received one of these post cards? The Huddler is a super Dem, lives in this district and didn’t get anything from any of the candidates just yet. Who knows maybe the Huddler has been blackballed by the Democratic committee ?

Unemployment continues to rise. The hatchet man knows no boundaries. These numbers are not just seasonal retail MCJOBS. These are core jobs that define the American workforce and economy. This week has seen furloughs in every industry. Public, private, non-profit, industrial, healthcare, professional, nurses, bosses, you name it. If you have asked yourself if the economy has hit rock bottom yet? This weeks news should answer the question for you.


Speaking of stimulus packages, the Honorable Mayor Luke Steelerstahl, announced a novel idea to bail out the troubling City of Pittsburgh pension system. The Pittsburgh Comet via Bram broke this story along with the MSM earlier this week. The Huddler thinks the Comet actually covered it better than our friend Mr. Lord. The Mayor has proposed selling and or leasing the assets of the City parking authority to get the needed monies to shore up the troubled pension system. The Huddler gives Mayor Luke a big old atta boy! Good stuff. Now we need Harrisburg to fix the law on this one. Mayors such as Tom Murphy should not be allowed to give away the house by increasing pension benefits WITHOUT funding them. In addition Pennsylvania has more public employee pensions systems than any other state. With administrative costs doubling and tripling those of most funds. The fat cats are getting rich at the expense of taxpayers, public employees, and retirees. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! The Mayor has presented an idea here, let’s see where he goes with it?

Across the street at the Courthouse, Dan Onorato defended the use of Steeler playoff tickets in the Tribune Review. (Mayor Luke had no comment) The Huddler would like to know one, A SINGLE CASE where big business invested money or created a single job because an elected official took them to a Steeler game. These tickets should be distributed to charities, and or auctioned off with the proceeds going to charities. Foodbanks everywhere are out of money, and resources during these tough economic times. Speaking of which the Huddler wants to give a shout out to Council President Doug Shields (who the Huddler does not always see eye to eye with), who has placed a side bet with the President of Baltimore’s City Council with the benefactor being non profits that feed the hungry. GOOD STUFF !!!

Speaking of good stuff, it seems that just when Americans need a shot of “feel good”, God sends us something to feel good about, maybe even a miracle. This happened this week when a USAIR pilot, co-pilot and crew, (who are proud union members) landed a disabled airbus in the Hudson River. America watched proudly as ordinary citizens became heroes, and the vast resources of the NYPD and NYFD sprang into action to save every life aboard. Where is PETA on this one? The Huddler is ready to search online for Canadian goose recipes !! Perhaps food banks can market all of this goose meat to the needy ?


The Huddler will be continuing to pray for peace in the middle east this week. Despite thousands upon thousands of years of war in this reason, the Huddler hopes that the killing ends in the continued Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The eyes will be on the United States of America this week, as President Elect Obama takes the Oath of Office and becomes the first black President of the United States. The Huddler is truly thankful that America has elected a President who is dedicated to helping the average American. President Obama has a tough job ahead of him, and the Huddler prays that the majority of Americans will support him. We all have tough times ahead. We can do it !!!! WE can change America and restore the middle class.

The Huddler closes the week out with the DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDREL OF THE WEEK…..

This weeks Dirty Rotten Scoundrel is a pair of twins:

President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney

The Huddler got all teary eyed during the President’s farewell message, not with sadness but tears of joy. Thank God these two men are retiring. The Huddler hopes that these elected officials enjoy their retirement, and enjoy spending the money they have fleeced from American taxpayers. (Thank God also for our right to free speech in this great land of ours!) Bush said he always tried to do the right thing, and what he believed was the best thing for the country. The scary part about this statement is that the Huddler believes him. Bush actually believed the crap that was fed to him. UGH. The Huddler still has the bumper sticker that was a gift right after “W” got elected…. It said “somewhere in Texas there is a village missing their idiot” The Huddler is wondering if there was a reward for his return? And if this village even wants their idiot back?


Matt H said...

Tony Coghill will also jump in that race for Motzniks seat.

Lady Elaine said...

Trying again, eh?

Lady Elaine

Matt H said...

Yes he is.

Bram Reichbaum said...

"Speaking of stimulus packages, the Honorable Mayor Luke Steelerstahl, announced a novel idea to bail out the troubling City of Pittsburgh pension system. The Pittsburgh Comet via Bram broke this story alone with the MSM earlier this week. The Huddler thinks the Comet actually covered it better than our friend Mr. Lord."

Now that's just crazy talk! But thanks for enjoying our take on it.

Anonymous said...

Ruprecht Lives!

Anonymous said...

dear mr. huddler,
i thought you were pro-union? why would you support the selling and/or leasing of publicly-owned, unionized assets?

you're confusing.