Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making education affordable

The Huddler is old enough to remember when “generic brands” came out on the market. The packaging was plain and simple. White packaging – bold black letters describing the contents. No flare, no gimmicks, no advertising, just basic provisions.

Now the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Higher Education Council is proposing the same for our higher education system. Imagine for a momenet a state college without the bells and whistles. No sports programs, no extracurricular activities, no cathedral like buildings to build, support, and maintain. Just plain-simple-quality, EDUCATION.

The University of Phoenix and other private for profit education peddlers have already successfully marketed this type of education. Even our local Universities, such as Robert Morris, Duquesne, and many others, have started satellite classrooms, geared towards adults. Without the frills, and challenges, of the traditional college campus.

The Huddler has always thought that we will see our traditional college education change drastically in coming years. With the biggest change being in the number of actual hours of classroom hours required. For example – why spend six hours a week in class – three days a week, if you can accomplish the same via online sessions – with a single two or three hour class one day a week?

While the Huddler does not see the Ivy league going in this direction. This is great for students who can not afford 65k a year on private school. Imagine the possibilities. Students could even commute from long distances – for a single day of class per week. Dorm rooms could be converted into hotel like structures that allow students to come to classes one day a week OR even a single month per semester?

Huddler fact: Too many people can NOT AFFORD higher education. Education needs to be made AFFORDABLE !!!!

Read the article in the Post Gazette

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