Monday, September 28, 2009

Whats up with that DOK ?

It appears Harris for Pittsburgh is trying to do some damage control? This video was pulled off you tube last night. Not sure how long it will be around? Here is the resort's website ....

Allegations of Franco "DOK" Harris being at a 350$ a night resort during the G20 Summit... The HUDDLER hopes that this isn't true. Life styles of the "Rich and Famous" with Franco "DOK" Harris ?? If bloggers only had expense accounts we could do some hardcore investigative work on these allegations !


The Last Resort said...

By "do some damage control" you mean "trample the first amendment."

The video is back:

The bogus "copyright infringement" part has been removed. The parts they really don't want you to see are still there.

And it is true. He was there.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I don't have an expense account, but I called up Dok and it's true. Says he used American Express points to pay for it.

Says that he was expecting G20 season to be a dead zone for local politics, the campaign made a "thing" of it to iron out some policies and get ready for the debates. Said of the politicians who made a big deal of walking around Pgh during the G20 -- "Sure, anything for a photo op, right?" He said he figured he had nothing to add to the situation and just let public safety do their jobs.

More in my space tomorrow I thinks.