Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DOK'S CAMPAIGN FINANCES - Don't leave the burg without your American Express

As Bram reported in earlier comments, it sounds like YES DOK was at the luxurious Bedford Springs Resort during the G20 Summit. The question now is how did DOK pay for it?

Bram reported that DOK used American Express award points. The HUDDLER is asking where did these points come from? If they came from an american express card outside of the campaign, these points and or the services purchased with them are campaign contributions and should be reported.

The HUDDLER finds it difficult to believe that the "campaign" has been out there swiping the AMEX cards since announcing with such volume to constitute AMEX points that will pay for 350$ a night lodging at a swanky resort?

American Express has a program that let's one donate AMEX points to thier favorite charity. The HUDDLER has used it in the past. Perhaps those donut points neeed to go to charity instead of spa services for Pittsburgh's favorite little rich kid?

The HUDDLER will be waiting to check out DOK's finance reports to see exactly what the campaign has been up to? The real question is do they need volunteers? Because the HUDDLER could use a trip to Bedford Springs!


Bram Reichbaum said...

I didn't ask, but I kind of assumed the AMEX points were garnered on his personal account, even though he used them for what he describes as a campaign getaway.

BTW, in kibitzing with a neutral party, I also learned that hotels like Bedford Springs often rent rooms at deep deep discounts off the sticker price for midweek walk-ins, so it might not necessarily have been $350+.

I'd be more a little more disappointed that Dok wasn't there to demonstrate his solidarity with Pitt students who were treated unfairly and perhaps unconstitutionally. But he couldn't necessarily have known that would happen.

Anonymous said...

He said he'd planned it for a long time, Bram. That makes a midweek walk-in unlikely.

Harris is a blowhard who cares only about himself. Why haven't the rest of you blogger types caught on to what Huddler here can plainly see?