Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dok can not prescribe 311 for your ills

If you have a problem the "DOK" says not to call 311. Or at least in the HUDDLER's opinion this is what his 311 bashing message via YOU TUBE implies.

The HUDDLER can only say that 311 like America has been very very good to the HUDDLER. The HUDDLER has called 311 at least a dozen times.

Although the HUDDLER doesn't keep a diary like Matt H, the Huddler can say that each and every complaint ever made to 311 by the HUDDLER has been resolved to the HUDDLER's satisfaction.

Although perhaps it is because the HUDDLER has some idea of what to expect from 311. 311 is not the cure all. Some things are just beyond the scope of 311. (for example; if you drink too much Jamison and you can not remember where you left your car at ? 311 probably can not help you) Also, 311 can not prescribe your crazy neighbor prozac or any other mind altering narcotics. So residents should not expect miracles from 311. There are only so many resources available.

The You Tube video is labeled "Brookline" but the HUDDLER expects this interview to be taken some where in Sheraden due to the Post Office, and Foodland references?

Does the "DOK" know where the hell he is ? Maybe he should click his heels and say there is no place like the "EAST END"?

In these troubling times of stagnant revenues, global economic recessions, state budget crisis, record unemployment, home foreclosures, need we go on? How can "DOK" expect to expand city services such as 311, and the services they dispatch ?

Patrick Dowd, had one response to this.... "By cutting the fat out of the budget" Patrick Dowd never could identify that "FAT". That never happened. Which leads the HUDDLER to ask... Did Dowd just say forget about it? Or did he finally realize there is very little fat in the budget?

It is easy to say cut costs, become more efficient, downsize operations, and other easy one liner talking points. But when it comes to knowing and understanding City government, you have to know what the hell you are talking about. The HUDDLER really questions if DOK has a clue? How would the DOK fix this ladies 311 issues? The DOK also got on the HUDDLER's bad side when he invoked the name of our dearly departed Mayor O'Connor. (THE HUDDLER MISSES YOU BOB !!) While the HUDDLER doubts Mayor O'Connor would never say publicly anything negative about the son of a former Pittsburgh Steeler great, the HUDDLER doubts that O'Connor would have many nice things to say about DOK's run for Mayor.

The HUDDLER has never been Mayor Luke's white knight, however the 311 system is effective for what its primary purpose is, a one stop shop for reporting potholes, abandoned cars, burnt out street lights, and blighted properties.

But at the end of the day, property owners still have rights, state law mandates what an abandoned car is, there are only so many public works employees, and 311 operators, so when you get a busy signal? You have to try and try again. But on the bright side it is still alot easier than calling Dell computer and trying to get a customer service rep who lives and works in India to understand how to spell Monongahela.

For now the HUDDLER is not going to recommend that burgher's follow the DOK's orders, if you have a problem in your neighborhood the HUDDLER says to take a six pack of Iron City Pounders, sleep on it and if it still bothers you in the morning ? CALL 311.

As we pass the two year anniversary of Mayor O'Connors passing, the HUDDLER will be saying a special Rosary for the former Mayor O'Connor who we remember so fondly. The HUDDLER still recalls the look on the Mayor's body guard's face when the HUDDLER gave Mayor O'Connor a jovial shot to the kidney joking him about losing too much weight from his afternoon walks....

THANK YOU BOB, for the years of service, and all of the wonderful memories...


Bram Reichbaum said...

My dad called 311 for the first time the other day. He said he couldn't get through in 20-25 minutes. In fact, a recording at the top of the call told him that his was the 6th call in line -- and then after waiting and waiting the next recording told him that he'd be the 7th call remaining. I have no first-hand experience myself, but add that to what Dok's friend in the video says, to what I heard at a community forum in Elliot a while ago, and people just don't seem that impressed.


People should not be impressed. The 311 system in the City of PIttsburgh was NEVER set up properly.

Mostly due to funding. The HUDDLER feels for the staff that operate the center. They don't have nearly enough workers to handle the volume, and the system is held together by luck in comparison to 311 systems in other large cities.

However, like any call center, you can not predict call volumes. A single incident or location may spark dozens upon dozens of calls.

The HUDDLER isn't sure but is there an email version of 311?

That is what would work for alot of folks, minus the elderly and individuals without computer access.

The HUDDLER has NO interest in this center, BUT it seems like they do ALOT with very little.

Matt H said...

What he said about Bob was great.