Monday, August 31, 2009


The HUDDLER has a bad case of insomnia and was reading the news, and finally made it to the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Apparently the guards at the city-county building are trying to organize a union. Why would they want to do that ?

How is this for starters, you are responsible for guarding and protecting the central artery of City government, have more than 8 years experience and are making a whole $8.30 an hour?

This is NOT the free job market. This is modern day slavery. The City of Pittsburgh should be ashamed of itself.

Financial crisis or not, no one can afford to live on these wages. And surprise surprise, there are no health benefits to go along with this job!

Well AM GARD has won the distinctive title of being a BAD BOSS. The two guards apparently had a target on their back after talking to union organizers, and were terminated for what seems to be legal union activities, protected under federal law. The same federal laws that were watered down to the point that they are no longer effective by the Bush administration.

The two security officers are two more examples of why workers need the Employee Free Choice Act, and HEALTHCARE REFORM!

The HUDDLER hopes that the City of Pittsburgh holds AM GARD accountable for their violation of federal labor laws. The HUDDLER hopes that some flunky of Dan and Luke reads this posting this morning and takes some ACTION!!!

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