Monday, August 3, 2009

Onorato only $11,850 away from 5 Million dollars in his war chest for governor...

The HUDDLER almost puked dinner all over the livingroom when the following email came from the "Onorato Campaign".

How much money did fast Eddy spend in the last governor's race ?

How many votes are needed to win the governors race?

The HUDDLER is interested in finding out how many contributions Onorato has received from individual contributors less than 100$ and are from contributors that are not commitee people, vendors, elected officials, or PACS ?

How do Joe & Suzy taxpayer feel about Chief Executive Onorato? Has Onorato produced results here at home? Is Onorato governor material ?

Where does one file a contribution report when one is not currently "an announced" candidate for office?


Dear Friend,
You may not know it yet, but in 2010, the nation’s eyes will be on Pennsylvania. After eight years of honorable service, Gov. Ed Rendell is term-limited and cannot seek reelection – making Pennsylvania the second largest state in the nation with an “open” race for Governor. And we all know what that means. The national Republicans, desperate to regain their footing, will send in all the special interest money and divisive rhetoric they think it will take to win. But in reality, as a Pennsylvanian, the power is in your hands. And together, we must elect a Democrat to move our Commonwealth forward. We cannot afford to move backwards.

 That's why I'm asking you to make a contribution of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford, today. With your help, we'll raise the $11,850 I need to get to 
$5 million cash-on-hand. Although I have not yet officially announced my candidacy for Governor, I am moving closer every day. That’s because when I talk to Pennsylvania families from every region of the Commonwealth, I hear the same thing: folks want a Governor with new ideas to create new jobs and to clean-up Harrisburg. 

As Allegheny County Executive, and before that as County Controller, that’s what I’ve been all about – reforming government, investing in innovation and creating the 21st Century jobs we need to be competitive in the new economy. By refusing to settle for the status quo, we have accomplished a lot:
Thousands of jobs in new technologies, health care, higher education, advanced manufacturing, finance, and new energy solutions. Billions of dollars in next-generation economic development.
Bold new policies to make us greener and more energy efficient. New opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses.
And major government reform initiatives that changed the status quo and saved the taxpayers millions.
In Allegheny County, we’re taking bold steps to weather the tide of this national recession. Our unemployment rate is far below the state and national average and President Obama recently selected Pittsburgh to host this fall’s G-20 economic summit to showcase the region’s economic transformation. We need more new, bold ideas in Harrisburg – and most of all, a new way of doing business. That's why I need your support today. Just $100, $50 or $25 at this early stage makes a big difference.If you’re not familiar with my background, I don’t come from political royalty. I grew up in a blue collar neighborhood, worked my way through Penn State and earned my law degree from the University of Pittsburgh. I got into politics the hard way – by taking on the establishment and defeating it. That’s how I won a seat on the Pittsburgh City Council and how I defeated an incumbent Republican to become the Executive of Pennsylvania’s second largest county.

Pennsylvania families face serious challenges. If we elect the same old Harrisburg crowd, nothing will change. We must shake up the old system with new voices from outside Harrisburg. In 2010, you will have a tremendous amount of power to influence the direction of Pennsylvania. But in order for us to be competitive next year, we must build and organize this year. That’s why I’m counting on your support today. 

Please consider making a contribution to my campaign today, and continue to visit, Dan OnoratoAllegheny County Executive

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