Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bloggers beware: Pitt Girl sacked for blogging !!!

Bloggers beware, apparently one's employer can just sack you for conduct that occurs off-duty?
The HUDDLER was saddened to hear that Pitt Girl was terminated from her employment today. The HUDDLER has often wondered how the boss would feel about the HUDDLER's extra curricular activities?

Do we have any rights? The HUDDLER is going to do some research on this one... The fact that Pitt Girl probably doesn't have a contract means she is an at will employee. Not the best place to be in these situations.

NOW the burghosphere knows why we need HEALTHCARE REFORM !!! To protect discplaced workers and their families !!!!

The HUDDLER hopes that Pitt Girl makes it thru the nightmare of applying for unemployment and the whole scary idea of looking for a new job !!!
Maybe Mayor Lukey needs a press secretary ?


Matt H said...

Isn't PA a at-will employment state?


Yes.. PA is an at will state.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if the "at will" status of so many states in this country, will lead to it's demise?
Why you say? Employees afraid to do anything, speak up, or confront their employers when wrongs are being committed. Whistle blower laws only offer a cracked windown of protection. So when corners are being cut in the drug induatry, few will say, when environmental laws are being ignored leading to toxic land, no one will say, when Government funding is being used and abused, no one will say. When pay for play politics occurs, NO ONE WILL SAY! Every little man will hunker down, afraid to speak and the top eschalon will run with their money.

In the case of Ginny (aka Pitt Girl), she in no way ever spoke

When you have money to throw at political figure heads, and expensive good lawyers, the little man,(whistle blower) regardless of the truth, is made to look like a liar. Matt H. I am sure you could empathize.

Anonymous said...

spoke of her employer. whew!