Sunday, June 21, 2009


The HUDDLER has what some will say are anti-labor -comments.

The whole ACT 47 smoke and mirror process is a joke. The HUDDLER was embarassed at some of the behavior of some of the labor officials representing city workers, and our elected officals.

The HUDDLER will never be a white knight of Mayor Luke. However take a look at the economy and the city's finances. What can city employees really expect? The infighting has already started... What are the most dangerous jobs? Who works the hardest? Who makes the most?

The HUDDLER thinks that all of the parties need to step back and take a look at the big picture. Some fiscal responsibility is needed here, otherwise the city will be broke, and the state will be calling the shots. (how that is different than right now? The huddler isn't sure)

The HUDDLER suggests that rather than agreeing to the normal four year agreements, that the unions and city agree to two year agreements, and take another look at finances, and the economy in two years.

The HUDDLER is anxious to see where organized labor and the mayor end up at the end of the day.... Will the mayor pull another "murphy" and pay off the unions under the disguise of an arbitrators pen? OR will the Mayor stand tall, and force council to back him up, showing some fiscal responsibility? Not to mention - equality. The recent study has shown the inequalities among city employees. Let's face it, there is only a small sliver of pie available when it comes to the city budget, and ALL CITY WORKERS should be given a nominal - equal pay increase during these tough economic times.

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