Saturday, June 27, 2009

God vs. Superbowl

Often the HUDDLER has made remarks, comments, and observations regarding the Catholic Church.

The HUDDLER attended the installation of four young men into the priesthood today. St Paul's Cathedral was packed. It is the HUDDLER's habbit to take attendance at such events to see who of the who is and who is not list attend.

The HUDDLER was NOT surprised that two of Pittsburgh's more recognizable Roman Catholics were not present.

Apparently Dan Onorato and Luke Ravenstahl had better things to do today. The HUDDLER can not help but wonder why they would attend sporting events, playoffs, and world championship games on the taxpayers dime, but not a monumental religous ceremony of their faith?

Not that it matters, but the HUDDLER would much rather spend a few hours, celebrating the ordination of priests than going to the superbowl. But then I guess that is what makes the HUDDLER different than Dan Onorato or Luke Ravenstahl.

Perhaps they would have attended if the event was at Heinz field?

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Anonymous said...

Not enough press or perks for Ravenstahl.