Monday, March 2, 2009

There is no place like home ....

The HUDDLER is back in town, getting over a nasty combination of jet lag and a cold. But times are good, and the HUDDLER is just glad to be back in the burgh before this nasty storm stops all travel on the east coast.

Things have been brewing over the past week, Patrick Dowd continues to wade into this Mayoral election. Ms. Carmen Robinson is still NO WHERE to be found? The Hoagie is whispering of things to come over at State Rep. Jake Wheatley’s office? Inquiring minds want to KNOW !!!

We are a week away from the Allegheny County democratic primary endorsements, the preliminary weather forecast is calling for fair to moderate weather. The HUDDLER is predicting a heavy turnout among committee members, so the candidates better get all of that swag ready, after all what would committee people do without all of those pill holders, nail files, and other junk? (all of which the HUDDLER is certain is made in china) The HUDDLER cringes when thinking about all of the wasted campaign contributions on this stuff !!!

The HUDDLER wants to send out the HOAGIE an atta’ boy for posting the letters he receives from potential candidates.

Bram has been holding down the fort over at the comet to make up for the rest of us less ambitious, (ok. LAZY) bloggers. Someone mentioned that Bram has a certain talent for writing, and should be doing it professionally. (Note to Bram; what’s that old saying about giving the milk away for free?) Besides, I doubt any of us in the burghosphere want to submit our work to an editor for approval. (the huddler is certain that if certain teachers from the catholic school system were to haunt the huddler, this blog would be FULL OF RED INK for grammar errors)

Lady Elaine apparently attended the EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE RALLY. Check out the post. Someone told the HUDDLER that County Councilman Matt Drozd attended as well and had a few comments, apparently Mr. Drozd’s medications need adjusting. The HUDDLER had a momentary crush on L.E. after reading this post. The HUDDLER is glad there are a few bloggers out there with their head on straight when it comes to protecting workers rights. The HUDDLER was not real impressed with Mr. Dowd's testimonial about his attempt to start a union. If Mr. Dowd couldn't organize a small group of teachers to form a union, or stand up to the boss? How in the hell is he going to be able to organize the City of Pittsburgh?

There is a new blog in town. The Pittsburgh Left, has joined the rest of us in scribbling down our thoughts, views, likes, dislikes, and so on. The HUDDLER is jealous of this new blog author’s ability to use graphic design. It is also making the HUDDLER a little suspicious that perhaps this is part of a certain campaign? But then that is just the HUDDLER being overly suspicious. The Pittsburgh Left looks great !!!

The trash can scandal of 2009 continues …. The TRIB has done an article on every tom, dick, and harry, who thinks they can replicate, the trash cans recently purchased by the city at over 1k a pop. The HUDDLER has yet to see ANY that are equal to those purchased. There is a reason that these trash cans weigh over 280 pounds each. The HUDDLER is listening to the wind right now, and is glad that the current trash cans are NOT being turned into projectiles like those of the HUDDLER’s neighbors- for some reason wind storms always occur on trash days? In addition, there has to be an advantage at the size and design of the current cans, which prevents them from being kicked over, tossed thru windows, and vandalized by intoxicated college students, and drunk partygoers ? The HUDDLER also wonders what the life span of these cans are? 10-20-30 years? And last but not least, does anyone think the Mayor picked these cans out himself? LOL. Unless somebody drops a house on LUKE, the HUDDLER is 100% certain that DOWD has no chance in this race!!

It’s good to be back in the burgh !!!!!!!


Matt H said...

Good post.

I will talk more about Wheatley/Lavelle real soon.

Just checking a few things 1st.

Bram Reichbaum said...

"(Note to Bram; what’s that old saying about giving the milk away for free?)"

You'd be surprised how many people have no interest in perfectly good goat's milk, yak's milk, buffalo milk -- no matter how good it tastes or how nourishing it is.

No seriously -- I haven't really pushed for it yet, not patiently. I'm kind of doing "my thing" for now without structure or editors, which isn't all that attractive -- we're going to stay the course through May, then take a good critical look around and make some compromises.

Lady Elaine said...

I wish I would have read your post before I started reading the Left. I somehow missed it. . . I am starting to suspect the same thing--that they are a part of a certain campaign (as Bram has suggested as well to Shultzy and I).