Monday, March 2, 2009


From Early Returns, All eyes are on Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter (R). The Senator is holding meetings on the Employee Free Choice Act everyday.

The HUDDLER is an advocate for the Employee Free Choice Act because it allows for either a card check system or an election based on WHAT THE EMPLOYEES WANT. Not the boss or government dictates, but what the WORKERS choose.

Those of you (however many or few) that follow the HUDDLER realize by now that the HUDDLER has a deep faith in the Roman Catholic Church and teachings. Often we ask ourselves or others; “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” - Well the HUDDLER knows the Church, and teachings support workers rights.

But after reading this Early Returns post regarding Arlen Specter, the HUDDLER asked the question; “What would the late Senator H. John Heinz III do?” Senator Heinz was an advocate for the residents of Western Pennsylvania and many say he would have reached the White House if not for his untimely death. Senator Heinz always supported workers rights. The HUDDLER registered as a Republican once upon a time, until realizing that with Senator Heinz gone, the only candidate the HUDDLER could ever vote for in the primary was Senator Specter. The HUDDLER has long since abandoned those Republican roots, after seeing the light. But the HUDDLER has always supported Senator Specter. The HUDDLER just hopes that Senator Specter does the RIGHT thing, and supports the Employee Free Choice Act. The HUDDLER is certain that Senator Heinz would support this legislation! And the HUDDLER hopes that Senator Specter will support the Employee Free Choice Act !!

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