Thursday, February 5, 2009

Preview of the Weekend Update

SO many issues - so little time....

The Huddler is preparing for the end of the week and is thinking about everything that has happened over the last week.

1. The State Budget
Cuts to vital services
Layoffs of state workers

2. The Pittsburg Promise gets another 2.5 Million dollars from Benedum Foundation

3. Theresa Smith goes to City Council!

4. New tax revenues proposed by Governor
Sales tax increase except for Allegheny and Philadelphia
Managed Care tax
Legalizing video poker machines

5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels of the week; (nominees)
Governor Ed Rendell
( The Huddler will accept nominations for this coveted award thru Saturday am)


Lady Elaine said...

Hey HUD:

Don't miss out on my blog about Gov. Hoss's budget! Worthy of your attention. And even though he is a hoss, I think he is doing what needs to be done in order to fix the crisis at hand.

And if you look at budget negotioations in years past, he threatens to lay off or fulough workers now in order to use it as leverage to get other things he wants. He's even gone so far a few years back to canning everyone for a day!

In the end, new-hire freezes, early retirements, cutting back hours of some non-vital administrators, and the cutting of a lot of these other non-vital programs ought to do it.

So, my nomination is actually a group nomination--the idiot Pitt students, and others, who set fire to the couch and other stuff after the superbowl game. Is this really necessary? Why is it that when something great happens in the community people set fire to stuff? HOSSES!!!!!!!

Matt H said...

The weekend came & went??