Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Weekend update.. A few days late and a few dollars short - BUT still better off than the state budget...

The Huddler appreciates the emails… Unfortunately the Huddler has not been able to respond recently due to well… A whole lot of “huddling”….. In addition the weekend update is a few days late….

So much happened over the last week, (correction past ten days) where does one start? I guess the Huddler will have to start with the Super Bowl? Can the Huddler get a “Hell Yeah” for the Rooney family and the Pittsburgh Steelers? The Huddler was wrapped head to tie in black and gold to celebrate with the other 350 thousand Steeler fans. The Huddler was NOT surprised to see Luke or Danny in the parade. The Huddler was not nearly as offended as some in the burghosphere. After all these are the same two dirty rotten scoundrels that spent campaign contributions to live it up down in Tampa. UGH!

Speaking of UGHS …. Word on the street is that Dan Onorato spent Tuesday night in Harrisburg at the AFL CIO Legislative convention. I wonder how he get from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg in such a short amount of time? I wonder if his county paid police officer driver had to break the speed limit? LOL. I think that all elected officials should be required to account for their hours worked. I have a feeling Danny is spending A LOT of time OUTSIDE of Allegheny county campaigning for governor. Although I am certain that Dan’s spokesperson would say he was in Philadelphia representing Allegheny county in an official capacity?

Speaking of Harrisburg – Governor Rendell outdid himself this time around. Given the economy, the Huddler is not surprised that state finances are in the red. We have some serious issues in Harrisburg. Unemployment continues to RISE. Pennsylvania’s unemployment funds will be depleted in coming weeks. This will force the state to “borrow” monies from other funds such as the motor vehicle fund to pay unemployment benefits. The Huddler has a lot to say about this budget. So the Huddler is going to work on a separate post once the huddler has the time to digest the budget. The Huddler is thankful that the budget is in “E” format. The huddler would hate to be on the disabled list due to lugging around a paper version of the state budget !!!!
The Huddler will say this about the budget. Is it in Rendell’s interest to show a balanced budget? Doesn’t Pennsylvania need to be in “CRISIS” mode to get a bigger slice of the “economic stimulus” package? The Huddler is deeply disappointed in the blank check package – or should I say the stimulus package? Where are the mandates for the creation of new jobs? Where are the mandates that these jobs stay in the United States? Where is the mandate that these jobs will come with affordable quality healthcare? Where is the mandate that government will do the right thing with these monies? Where are the strings? Where is the oversight? We have the banking industry a blank check and look where it went? We gave the auto industry some cash and it came with more strings than a baby grand piano! (this may not be the best analogy but the Huddler is on an out of control roll now)…..

Also in Harrisburg there is the news of possible new tax revenues. First the Huddler is not a big advocate of gaming. It takes advantage of a lot of folks who do not have the money to lose in the first place. HOWEVER – if there is going to be illegal gaming, as there is now in a lot of neighborhood establishments, shouldn’t we legalize it? Tax it? The Huddler does NOT advocate these monies going to education. All gaming revenues should go to property tax relief. There were also mentions of raising revenues via tobacco, which the Huddler says TAX IT. And a managed care tax, although the Huddler is not well read on this particular proposal yet, if this could raise the cost of health care in any way, we need to avoid this tax at all costs!! If this tax would only cut into the profits and surpluses (aka emergency reserves) of the Highmarks and UPMCS of the world, the Huddler says TAX IT!!!
Nobody wants to pay more in taxes, but if we have a system that does not allow for inflation, government services will be cut. Vital services will be cut.

Someone has been listening to the Huddler – just recently the Huddler stated we have TOO many school districts. Now fast Eddy, and Danny are jumping on the band wagon. Onorato now want to combine cities, townships, boroughs, hamlets, and the like into larger governing bodies the size of school districts to consolidate governmental services and cut costs. The Huddler is certain that the teacher’s unions will resist this, and lobby against it.

On a brighter note, the HUDDLER is glad to see Ms. Theresa Smith going to grant street in the capacity as the newly elected Councilwomen representing district 2. The Huddler agrees that our communities need to do more for ourselves when it comes to certain community issues. The Huddler is not saying we need to pave our own streets. The Huddler thinks we need to be good citizens. We need to report crimes when we see them. We need to follow through with our elected officials and government agencies when we see a problem. We need to know our neighbors and help those less fortunate. Our community groups need to be active. This includes everything from little league to clean up-neighborhood beautification projects. This is one reason that the Huddler endorsed Theresa Smith and will most likely back Natalia Rudiak in the coming primary. The Huddler is hearing on the street that Ms. Rudiak could win even without the party endorsement.

I guess the Huddler should try a different approach in keeping up with the burghosphere? Perhaps many smaller shorter – posts ??? Sorry for the wait… I DOUBT it was worth it? And keep on “huddling” !!!!!!!!!!


Crystal Eastman said...

dear "the huddler,"
i am becoming a fan. you should post more often and probably write shorter posts.

ps, is it hard to constantly write about one's self in the third person?



First let the "HUDDLER" give a big shout out to our sister who the "HUDDLER" assumes is from the ATU?

IT is incredibly hard to write in the third person!!

The Huddler appreciates ALL feedback... And thinks quick posts may be better... The weeks get longer... and thoughts get broader...

Thanks for the feedback.

In Unity,


P.S. To all the Huddler's brothers and sisters in labor who lurk out there... Please inform the Huddler of your blog so the Huddler can give you a link...

Bram Reichbaum said...

"I guess the Huddler should try a different approach in keeping up with the burghosphere? Perhaps many smaller shorter – posts ??? Sorry for the wait… I DOUBT it was worth it?"

Eh, you can try shorter posts, or maybe just try switching up your routine as to when during the day you write. Either way, it's still been very much worth it, yours is not a perspective we've been treated to in the past.

You mention Rudiak and D-4. I don't know the players so well as you seem to, but I somehow imagine that Coghill would stand to benefit most from what the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat is now describing as a cluster[redacted]. Much as I'd like to see Rudiak employed to break the machine, I feel like the importance of that endorsement over there may be on the rise rather than the wane.

Crystal Eastman said...

What makes you say that about Coghill Bram? Why do you think the endorsement is that important in d4?

Bram Reichbaum said...

In a crowded field, I'd guess anything that distinguishes anybody would be something to desire. Plus having the active backing of the local veteran brigade would have to be a net positive. "Rage against the machine" appeals get diluted if four candidates represent an alternative to a machine.

Why Coghill? Just a hunch. It could be considered, like, "his turn" or something.


And then there were five ?
Wayne Weaver just jumped in! Although word on the street is that at least one of these candidates is backing out..... more to follow.

Crystal Eastman said...

i heard mosesso backed out.
bram, that might be true if none of the candidates had any field game. and at least one does.