Friday, February 13, 2009

Luke turns back on workers

The HUDDLER has an additional nominee for Dirty Rotten Scoundrel of the week....

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has turned his back on City workers once again.

Read the article in the Post Gazette. Perhaps with the city law department's batting average the Service Employees International Union is better off going at this one their own?

Pleased to see Allegheny County Labor Council Jack Shea putting the Mayor on notice and backing these efforts of these hard working men and women!!
The HUDDLER is wondering how much money the Building Owners Association gave LUKE?


Bram Reichbaum said...

THANK YOU! There is so much going on, I skipped over this...

"It's hard for me to understand personally why the city wouldn't want to defend its own ordinance," said Gabe Morgan, area leader for SEIU Local 32BJ, which represents building workers. "The ramifications for the city, if based on this case the ordinance would be pulled down, would be that the city can't regulate private enterprise."

Not hard to understand at all. Since gaining power, his business allies have shaped him into a pretty radial conservative.

I didn't know much about Jack Shea before this and I'm wary of conglomerations like the Allegheny County Labor Council, but Mr. Shea is spot on here. Spot on.

Anonymous said...

I wished I could understand why or who gets to go to parties and gets perks (and which one is considered
to be fair and good and which ones are in "bad taste" The city, county and state are all said to
have looming debt etc. however
Luke and Dan can get a free trip to Tampa, to watch the Steelers in
the superbowl.

But a party that was supposed to be thrown for the workers at Heinz field
who completed their contractual part of the tunnel on time,
(that will end up distributing people at Heinz Field)paid for by their employers is in poor taste, according to Onorato. Now that, my friends is just plain hypocritical.

Crystal Eastman said...

don't be surprised if, after the P-G article, the mayor tries to backstep and blames the decision on Specter. That's his M.O. these days-- screw working people until you get called on it in the paper and then blame it on your staff.

the irony of ravenstahl's "yes" vote on the ordinance when he was on city council just goes to show how power has corrupted young the young mayor. when he was a councilperson he used to have labor people around him. now he has blood sucking lawyer types.''

for any working people out there who still want to like/believe in this kid and might think he's unbeatable b/c of regular popularity-- don't get it twisted-- there are some powerful people behind him who have developed that war chest (the $1 million that has detered any real opposition) cause they know they can use him to advance the agenda of the rich and powerful.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Just a note -- I liked it more when the Pittsburgh Flag was on top. I liked seeing the stack all the way down through Obama, but I don't think any flags should fly higher than the Black, Gold and Gray.


The HUDDLER agrees... Therefore the change. Only if government was as flexible and agreeable to change as the HUDDLER?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Ha - so true! Thx!