Thursday, February 12, 2009


The Huddler has already received a nominee for this week's dirty rotten scoundrel award;
UPMC - Health Systems has been denying active duty U.S. military and their families who utilize the armed forces medical insurance access to the UPMC Health system.

Read about it in the Post Gazette

ADDITIONAL information making UPMC a "DRS"....

from the Tribune Review ... women can't afford cancer treatment and her husband works for who? None other than UPMC !!!!


Crystal Eastman said...

someone should start a blog about how evil UPMC is to begin to enumerate all the ways they violate the public trust in western pa.

this particular story is particularly egregious. but so is the story about the Ms. Diggs, the lady who died on the roof.

also, you know they hate unions and don't pay property taxes.



think thats bad? Read the link the huddler added regarding the woman that can not afford her cancer treatment and her husband works for UPMC !!

Anonymous said...

The PG's story was wrong and they've published the following correction ....

Correction/Clarification: (Published 2/12/2009) All University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals accept military personnel, their families and retirees who have the military health insurance plan, Tricare. But patients who use UPMC hospitals not in the Tricare network potentially face higher out-of-pocket expenses for medical care. Three of UPMC's 15 hospitals -- Mercy, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and Horizon in Mercer County -- are in the Tricare network. This story was unclear about what UPMC's policy is.