Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ath bhliain faoi mhaise !!! (Happy New Year)

Over at the Pittsburgh Hoagie, Matt H is rambling about decreased services, and high property taxes. Same old thing with Matt H. As a former public employee Matt is showing us his LACK of knowledge beyond that of a low level HACP employee. Matt why the censoriship on your blog? Tsk Tsk. So much for transparency at the Hoagie?

Meanwhile, at the Pittsburgh Comet, Bramhas a decent - semi thorough analysis of the City of Pittsburgh District 2 council race. For once the Huddler is agreeing with Mark Rauterkus! Theresa Smith is the right choice for this district.

In the PG, State Senator Jim Ferlo (D) has proposed anti hate legislation in Harrisburg. Ferlo is getting a little too middle of the road for the Huddler, but I guess that happens with age. Ferlo is a true champion of his constituents and doing the right thing. Thank you Senator Ferlo for your years of service and for doing the right thing!!!

The tavern owners and Danny boy are waiting on Judge Judy to come back with the drink tax decision, I am certain the tavern owners are going to blame a slow New Year's Eve on the tax, the PG reported on the low number of Burghers going out on the town to ring in the New Year. Perhaps this has something to do with the economy?

In this great Country of ours, we are free to voice our opinions. This is one of our great liberties, that makes our system the best in the world. Here in the burghosphere we have alot of different opinions. But as we close out 2008, and look forward to 2009 - we all have to agree that this year was fu@k@d !! The climax of 8 years of George W. Could it get any worse? The sad thing is that it may. On a more positive note we have changed history be electing a true leader to the White House. Depsite the economy we have alot to be thankful for. The Huddler will be alot more thankful when we finally start pulling our troops out of the middle east. With that being said, the Huddler extends a safe, healthy Happy New Year to all of you YINZERS in the burghosphere. And God Bless America!!


Schultz said...

What about us non-Yinzers in the burghosphere? Don't we get any love from yinz?


Schultz - your suburban ass is a YINZER wether you like it or not!

Matt H said...

"Matt why the censoriship on your blog?"

Why the censorship? Are you talking about my policy of not allowing moderated comments?

It's my blog so it's my rules. That pretty much sums that one up. I once allowed a free for all there and it didn't work out.

Low level HACP employee? That's your opinion.

"is rambling about decreased services, and high property taxes. Same old thing with Matt H."

And that's a bad thing to be rambling on about? Decreased services and high property taxes are something to just let go and ignore?

You make no sense with that little criticism.

You sound like one of those folks who favor patronage jobs that serve no purpose. Like the 3 people at the ACHD who were hired to fix the inspection program. Are you one of those folks? Those hires did nothing to make the department better. That is an example of waste. If people are getting hired and aren't performing at their job then the position is just best left unfulfilled.

These are tough economic times for sure but before any politician starts talking about raising taxes there needs to be a look at the inside 1st instead of just doing the easy thing like raising taxes.


Matt, Patronage jobs are a thing of the past. It is called merit hiring my friend. And in the Health Department all positions are Civil Service positions overseen by the State. (because they are state funded). I am not a health dept employee.

It is so easy to blame the 3 inspectors that were hired. Did you ever stop and think that maybe they hired 3 people to do the job of 6?

To repeat what someone else already said.. Dan Onorato eliminated at least 500 jobs since coming on board.

Like Robinson told you- Find the fat and get back to me. County government has been reduced to a point where services are being eliminated and effected. Don't bitch that the job isn't getting done, if you are not willing to pay. Its like laying off 500 cops and bitching that 911 response times are down.

Now if there are employees out there not doing thier job, then discipline them. Replace them. Follow the rules.

Matt- you fail to see the big picture. And your anti public employee remarks will come back to haunt you some day.

Anonymous said...

matt is only speaking the truth here...he didnt say anything seems as if Matt isn't afraid to stir the waters here.

matt used to always take the side of the administration and everything else that came with it but now he sees a bigger picture.

he didnt say anything that was anti-public employee.

Matt seems like a responsible citizen if you ask me.


Matt's white knight:

Ask Matt a couple of questions, How does government keep up with inflation.? Do you raise taxes ? (via millage increases or reassessments) or do revenues remain flat and force government to eliminate services?

What is your answer Matt? The wanker on the street response of; "cut the fat" only works so long. Matt couldn't see the big picture if it were as big as the O'Connor sign on his garage.

Marlow lower said...

sounds like we have a stalker!

Anonymous said...

patronage job are a thing of the past? hahahah

what world do you live in?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last anon---how did you think that some of the people around Ravenstahl got their jobs? Like that David White guy who is in charge of public affairs. This guy was a teacher of ravenstahls if I remember correctly.


I guess we differ as to the definition of patronage jobs.

It has been affirmed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that elected officials have the right to hire and fire.

When I use the term patronage jobs, I talk about the practices of past where applicants are not required to go thru the hiring process, be qualified, civil service, ect.

Now you are referring to the Mayor's leadership team. Our system of politics allows for elected officials ranging in office from Luke, to Dan Onorato, to Obama - to appoint or hire leadership - cabinet posts to candidates of thier chosing. Is this patronage? without a doubt. It is not the practice of hiring some idiot cousing of another idiot cousin.

This practice is not limited to Luke, Dan, or anyone between them and the White House. To make it sound like a Western PA inside scheme is wrong.

Why would any elected offical hire a candidate that is not going to support them or thier agenda?

Let's be real here.

Anonymous said...

well why don't they put some people around them that are at least qualified?

Bib said...


Mark Rauterkus said...

You and I have only been in agreement ONCE? My oh my. I'd rather read how I am right and we agree, again!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

the huddler blows


Tsk. Tsk. The Huddler blows? Clearly you do not know the Huddler OR you do not know the definition of "blow"? LMFAO. (the huddler is still a virgin - at least partially )

I can only remind those in the burgoshpere that the HOAGIE would never allow this on his blog??.. Therefore the HUDDLER will NOT REMOVE IT!
To quote the foundation of our great nation:

"Amendment I
Freedoms, Petitions, Assembly

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So all of you assholes in the burghosphere- if you have nothing more important to say than things that insult your intelligence, I will not delete them if your inadequate public school education has given you the ability to access the internet and post on a blog!!!!

Rather- I will pray for you, your family, those that educated you, and the society that will be supporting you if they are not doing so already....

Enough said? IF NOT.. it is clear to me that you must have something more productive to say than saying "the huddler blows"?

Anonymous said...

what's your beef with the hoagie man? seems to me that you have a fetish for him. you know about signs on his garage, your always talking about him, you clearly leave anonymous comments on his are in love.

Anonymous said...

stalker! Some of you people are pathetic. I am looking at the comments here from The Huddler and the comments at the Comet about Matt H. You people just watch every little move he makes and criticize it. Seems like the same people who watch every move the mayor makes. It seems that since Matt is close with the Mayor and that crew you just lump them all together.

It's really sad how obsessed some people in the blogging community have become with Matt H. It really is pathetic.

You have The Huddler knowing about signs on Matt's garage...people making comments about this and that. It's really sad. And to think that it is coming from adults. How sad is that?

You all need to grow up and get over yourselves.


Let's get a few things straight. First the Huddler has the memory of an elephant. The Huddler only knows of the O'connor sign from the burghosphere. I can assure you that the Huddler is NOT STALKING MATT H. The Huddler is now guessing that the sign is still there?

Matt H. ATTACKS PUBLIC EMPLOYEES every chance he gets. His recent blame of FOOD INSPECTORS at the Health Department shows his lack of support for the working men and women in government. The Huddler has not and will not stand up for Dan Onorato or Bruce Dixon regarding this matter.

In the past several months, the Hoagie has posted accusations and or deflamatory remarks against public employees in the health department, pittsburgh fire bureau, and City Controller's office.

Matt clearly does not understand that employees have rights, and like every other citizen in this great nation our ours - These men and women are innocent until proven guilty. However the Hoagie has adopted a Marty Griffin style of blogging.

Call it what you want Hoagie. It is not whistle blowing. It is attacking individuals who may be guilty but have not had thier day in court. But before you stand for any elected office in this County the HUDDLER will hold you accountable for your remarks against public employees !!!! The same goes for any other candidate for office.

Regarding the other anon remarks about lumping Matt with the Mayor? LMFAO!!! Matt H, isn't in the same ballpark as Luke. And for the record, the Huddler although skeptical of some incidents, currently supports our Mayor.

I also support the Hoagie for the things he has done for his neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

yea right---by you knowing of a sign on his garage you clearly outed yourself as someone who lives in that neighborhood.

what is wrong with him calling out government employees for lack of doing a good job?

if he sees something he calls someone out on it, what's wrong with that?

The Illinois Governor hasn't had his day in court yet but people are speculating and commenting on him. Is that not allowed? Should everyone withhold comment and opinion until he goes to trial? How would places like CNN, Fox Noise & MSNBC exist without being able to speculate and comment on news stories and criminal cases before the final verdict is in?

the people who are doing/did wrong in the controllers office deserve everything that is said about them...are you that naive?

Do you really think that every government employee is above being called out or criticized? Do you think that every govt employee is doing a good job at every level?

2 things about you: 1. you live in a west end community 2. your a govt employee

You reek of those 2 things.

Your logic is tragically flawed.


It this anon is none other that Matt H... then the Huddler will renounce his Irish heritage !!!!!!

Where has Matt outed gov't employees? He has done NOTHING but make unsubstantiated accusations !!!! Matt H is a total slime ball!! aka: Marty Griffin.

Points of interest:
1. He accused the Pgh Bureau of Fire of chasing nerf footballs illegally on route 51.
2. He was ready to hang the city controllers employees before they had thier day in court.
3. He is blaming the health dept inspectors for the deficiencies in inspections.

Matt is a hater. He blames public employees for the ills of his buddles - aka; elected officials.

Matt - fight your own battles under your own name !!!

The Huddler can not wait for the hoagie to run for school board - the huddler has BIG DIRT on the HOAGIE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon. Are you suggesting that Matt has the same credibility as Fox noise? MSNBC? CNN? and other national media?


Matt H said...

"Matt - fight your own battles under your own name !!!"

I do. There is no battle here. There really isn't.

These comment sections on blogs are turning into garbage. It happened at The Burgh Report and it is starting to happen everywhere else. No wonder all the blogs are leaving.

"The Huddler can not wait for the hoagie to run for school board - the huddler has BIG DIRT on the HOAGIE!!!!!!!!!!"

Bring it. I welcome anything anyone has. I have no skeletons in my closet. You can sit there and say you have this and that but you know that you have ZILCH.