Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A good article from the Associated Press today... One in five americans are uninsured. How long can this country go on like this? How much more are the insured paying in premiums to cover the non insured?

What is really sad is that there are alot of workers who work for healthcare providers such as UPMC and many other agencies who are denied access to quality affordable healthcare. There are workers who provide in home services to our elderly and disabled population that make about 10$ an hour with NO healthcare or other benefits!!

How many americans are forced out of their homes and eventually lose their homes because they can not afford long term care?

If 20% of our population is uninsured, and not getting medical care; imagine the number of jobs that could be created if we found a solution to deliver this huge population access to quality, affordable healthcare?

The Huddler hopes that President Obama finds a solution to this problem. The Huddler sees a direct relation between healthcare providers that are organized and belong to a union who have quality affordable healthcare and those that don't. This is just another reason that we need the employee free choice act !!!
This also brings the words, "SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE" to mind ....


Bram Reichbaum said...

1. Single payer healthcare
2. Nationalize the broken banks
3. Subsidize an entire massive alternative energy industry

These are the things we should be lunging for. These are the elements of socialism that must be stirred into our very good capitalist soup, lest it curdle and spoil.

Lady Elaine said...

AFL-CIO: 79% of union members have healthcare; only 52% of non-union members are covered.

Continues to prove why unions are so vital.