Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Healthcare Reform is at a critical state. Please call our elected officials and tell them it's time for healthcare reform with a public option !! Especially Congressman Jason Altmire (d) who is riding the fence. Congressman Altmire needs to cut his ties with UPMC and do the right thing for America.

from the HUDDLER's in basket:
It's time to deliver on health care.After months of debating, the entire House and Senate are set to consider the final plans for health reform. It's time for them to deliver on real reform that:
Gives us the choice of a public health insurance option
Makes health insurance truly affordable for everyone
No more excuses. No more delays. America wants real reform and 4 out of the 5 committees in Congress have bills that give America what we need.Call your Members of Congress now and tell them it's time to deliver on health care. Click here to call.

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