Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Like a bad knock knock joke, alot of campgains start and win with a knock at the door. The HUDDLER keeps odd hours, and rarely gets a knock at the front door. (the huddler has a special huddler only entrance similar to the "bat cave" only with a lot less space)

So during the election cycles the HUDDLER patiently waits near the front door, much like Charlie Brown waiting by the mailbox for a Valentine from the little red haired girl. The HUDDLER is waiting for a candidate or even someone so excited with a candidate that they will canvass to approach the HUDDLER for his vote. Now the HUDDLER is a SUPER democrat. In Pittsburgh that is like a cougaran when it comes to voters. However for some reason rarely does someone knock on the door or even leave behind one of those cute little door cards? The HUDDLER has a few steps.. but it is not like they have to climb Mt Everest to reach the door.

The HUDDLER started on this rant today while reading about Kevin Acklin and his quest for the office of Mayor. Apparently Kevin has lost 30 pounds, and three pairs of shoes due to all of the door knocking he has done. Why hasn't Mr. Acklin knocked on the HUDDLER's door? The HUDDLER has lots of questions - for example how does he intend on hiring 200 more cops, save the pension system, not lay anyone off, and still not increase taxes ???

The HUDDLER read Mr. Acklin's plan via his website but to the HUDDLERS amusement there was no spreadsheet outlining these campaign promises.

In the mean time the HUDDLER will be waiting by the door, hoping for a potential candidate that will support working families, and if they don't show up, the HUDDLER would settle for his or her designee. On the other hand, the HUDDLER had a great chat with a Working America canvasser last fall, and even had a couple beers with the guy. Until then the HUDDLER will be using all of that junk mail from candidates as kindling this winter.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this? http://acklinforpittsburgh.com/missioncontrol/userfiles/media/10062009111107_AcklinBudgetPlan.pdf

There's a link to it from their front page.


Lets be clear here. The ACKLIN financial plans says nothing. There is no spreadsheet- there are no real numbers.

First the HUDDLER is in favor of gutting the URA. However, until someone gets a firm grip on the URA and makes educated decisions to determine the assets involved and make wise educated decisions to dissolve the assets, these monies are not real.

Furthermore adding police officers to the force is a reoccuring cost. No line item transfers are going to fund this year after year.

The same goes for the pension. Until the HUDDLER sees a better plan out there, this is nothing but election year smoke and mirrors.

By the way, your link and the one on the website DOES NOT WORK.