Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to the neighborhood

Apparently the "RIVERS CASINO" really rolled out the red carpet to City of Pittsburgh citizens, neighbors and visitors...

UNLESS you were riding a bike... The CASINO seems to have taken the river walk area by force? So much for all of those promises by the CASINO to be good neighbors?

Who owns the former railroad right occupied by this trail? Did someone sell the rights of the trail to the CASINO ?

As long as those tourists are walking or driving and depositing paychecks, pension, welfare, and social security checks - they appear to be welcome.

The former JERK OF COURTS - George Matta appears useless in his role of Community Relations Manger, as this first "speed bump" derailed bike riders on the opening day of the CASINO.

Read the article in the Post Gazette !!!!!!!!!

The HUDDLER is glad that old "HUFFY" has two flats, and even more glad the new CASINO didn't move in next door to the HUDDLER !!!!

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