Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The "RIGHT WING" is on the attack when it comes to the Employee Free Choice Act. Unlike working families, big business has literally hundreds of millions of dollars invested in defeating the Employee Free Choice Act. Organized labor is leading the charge for working families with groups like the AFL-CIO lobbying for this legislation.

The Tribune Review owned by Richard Mellon-Scaiffe, (a man by all accounts was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, paid for many times over on the backs of poor immigrant workers who gave their lives so that his ancestors could make a buck) had an interesting article in todays paper, that stated that workers in Pennsylvania do not support the legislation. The news article quoted a poll conducted by the Susquehana Polling and Research.

Susquehana Polling and Research is lead by James Lee. Imagine this for a second, the website for SPR tells us that Mr. Lee was the Chief Lobbyist for BIG BUSINESS. Read Mr. Lee's biography.

The only thing that shows the lack of credibility of this "POLL" MORE than Mr. Lee's biography is the LIST OF CLIENTELE of the Susquehana Polling and Reseach group.

So as the old saying goes, BUYER BEWARE or in this case READER BEWARE of what Mr. Scaiffe and his robber baron friends are trying to sell to Pennsylvanians.

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