Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Huddler has laid low for the past few weeks, maybe a little more. A little travel, and some other projects have take the majority of the Huddler's leisure time.

The Huddler's love of politics has been rekindled when he waltzed into his favorite linoleum tiled hall to cast his ballot - and participate in the greatest form of government on the face of the earth!

Therefore the Huddler has taken a break from flushing the vote for some worthy candidates, in order to grab a dried out salami sandwich, and check out the blogs. No activity really there which makes the HUDDLER hope that a few of our bloggers are out there on the street putting their feet where their mouth is !!

The HUDDLER was greatly disappointed in Georgia Blotzer's attempt to pass off FAKE slate cards. I was also surprised to see the lights out and office dark at Georgia's West End Campaign Office - this morning. ( Or should we call it a front? ) It appears that Bram's negative remarks, and libelous attacks against Theresa Smith were not enough?

The Huddler did see more than one poll watcher for Ms. Blotzer who apparently was more interested in tanning than passing out information or talking to voters. Maybe it was because the Deputy Sheriffs confiscated all of the fake slate cards?

With these facts being what they are - the HUDDLER returns to the burghosphere with this; PLEASE SUPPORT THERESA SMITH FOR COUNCIL !!! CouncilwomanSmith does not have her OWN PERSONAL AGENDA. Ms. Smith brings the needs of her constituents to Grant Street!!



Anonymous said...

I'll give Smith up as long as Coghill loses the election.

Oh, Coghill did loose.

That's awesome!!!

Bram Reichbaum said...

Just noticed this post.

"Libelous attacks"? Tell me more about this. I honestly don't believe I ever libeled anyone.

Now the slate cards -- that shouldn't have happened. Some jagoff had them printed up on their own, they were soundly rejected (I was there for that), and then some goofball actually passed them out for a while. Thankfully no harm was done.

What you should be afraid of is if "City of Pittsburgh REAL DEMOCRATS" actually turns into a real organization. :)

Bram Reichbaum said...

PS - Count me among those out on the street putting my feet where my mouth was. I remained at my post for 13 hours in Sheraden handing out fliers -- ones with Georgia's picture on them and NO OTHER. One of Theresa's supporters was there also handing out ACDC slate cards, and we had a blast all day long.