Saturday, April 4, 2009


The Huddler felt is necessary to post the names of the fallen officers in supplement to the earlier post. The Huddler spent most of the day with those in law enforcement as well as other public safety professions.

In the words of Mayor Ravenstahl we as a community need to support our men and women in blue. Words can not describe what has occurred today. Nor can the average citizen understand the grief and mourning that these public servants and their families are experiencing. As the law enforcement community prepares to burry these brave men, please acknowledge the ultimate sacrafice that these officers have given to the community which they were sworn to serve and protect. Place a blue ribbon outside or on your car antennae to show your support, or fly the American flag. Please keep these officers, and their families in your prayers.

The Huddler would like to thank the post gazette for the picture of the officers. Click the Link to read the article.

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