Friday, March 13, 2009


The HUDDLER like many Burghers out there is preparing for "PARADE DAY".... An event like no other, when every man, woman, and child, who wants to be Irish for the day is given the opportunity. Some use this day to spend with family, and friends, and carry on decades of tradition, while others choose to use it to carry on a decades old tradition of imbiding in a little too much too drink.

Lots going on in local news this friday, apparently Patrick Dowd is trying to beat a dead horse. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire recently begain the process of installing up to One million dollars worth of safety equipment in fire houses. This equipment protects firefighters from dangerous diesel fumes in the workplace. Apparently the City decided to piggyback on a state contract, and Dowd is screaming about no bid contracts. IS this legal ? The Huddler imagines that it is. The state had to "bid" this out at one point or another. There was a bid to get on the state list?

The Post Gazette article went on to talk about how Philly did a big study, blah.. blah.. blah.. Well Philly bought the same system. How many times do we have to have this conversation? Don't WE want less government? If every municipality in the state buys the same model police car every year, do we have to bid this out thousands and thousands of times? OR can we all piggyback on the state contract?

It seems like a no brainer to the HUDDLER?

The case of the missing "STEELERS SUPERBOWL BANNERS" may lead to criminal charges...

The Post Gazette reported that (11) of these notorious banners which were sold to die hard Steeler fans turned up missing from a secure area of a City garage. Who took the banners? It shouldn't be hard to figure out. Who had access? If the HUDDLER were in charge, there would be a 24 hour period on amnesty, before heads started to roll. BUT, perhaps it wasn't City employees. Apparently a cleaning contractor had full access to this area as well? The HUDDLER is wondering if there is a black market for this type of stuff? Anyone know where the HUDDLER can purchase one of those cool "SHAMROCK" road signs that are marking the parade route this year?

And last but no least, too little surprise of most bloggers out there that follow politics here in the Burgh. Council candidate Anthony Coghill has sued in Common Pleas Court to throw out the endorsement in the District 4 race. Perhaps Mr. Coghill has beaten a confession out of some little old woman with a garden hose? Can one of the more techy bloggers out there can find this court filing. It should make for interesting reading.

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The Pgh Hoagie called this one before anyone.