Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joe the mouthpiece comes to the Burgh

The HUDDLER has been out working on the campaigns of multiple candidates for various offices, in recent weeks. At least the weather has been improving... The Huddler loves canvassing. More of our candidates should be doing more door knocking. The Huddler witnessed a candidate for Mayor who shall rename anonymous at this point doing some canvassing in recent weeks.
The HUDDLER was disappointed that this candidate was dropping literature on doors and just walking door to door. There was no knocking. Just dropping. There was very little interaction depsite the fact that the sun was shining and the neighborhood was full of people working outside. What a waste of time ?

Canvassing 101 or in this case remedial canvassing should be required for ALL candidates.

The HUDDLER was happy to see organized labor turn out for the "Joe the plumber" rally in Greentree. The HUDDLER was unable to attend but talked to alot of the folks that did. The Trib's account of this event and counting of the participants was less than accurate. Word on the street is that the REAL PLUMBERS outnumbered the paid audience by 4 to 1.

As we all know, "Joe" who is from Ohio and worked in some capacity as a plumber, was an outspoken critic of President Obama during the Presidential election. After his instant fame, the media looked into Joe's background. It was soon discovered that Joe was NOT a licensed plumber, didn't pay his taxes, and was kind of shady at best.

Since then, the far right has adopted Joe as their "typical" Joe. Joe has been recruited to be a mouthpiece for the pro-business group "American's for Prosperity".

A little about Joe. Joe is not a plumber. Joe has a history of not paying his taxes. Joe ignored state and local laws and practiced as an unlicensed plumber. Joe came into the media spotlight when he stood up and complained about President Obama's tax plan on small businesses that make more than 250k a year. The most recent figures showed Joe making about 40k a year.
While the HUDDLER is certain that Joe is now making in excess of 250k per year, the HUDDLER hopes that the Obama tax plan SLAMS Joe come tax time !!!

If Joe were a real plumber he would have learned a few things;

1. Never stand down stream
2. Never bite your nails
3. Payday is on Friday

Hopefully someone passes this along to Joe as it may help him in his new profession as well.

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