Thursday, February 19, 2009

(8 + 1 = 9) City Council back to full roster

It was the HUDDLER'S pleasure to witness the swearing in of Theresa Smith to the office of City Council. The showing of the family, friends, and community leaders exemplify the support that district two has for Councilwomen Smith.

District two needs a grass roots, community based, ADVOCATE on City Council. Theresa Smith is an ADVOCATE, therefore the HUDDLER is sure that Ms. Smith will excel on council.

It is unusual for so many politicians to be in the same room with a smile on their face. The HUDDLER suspects that is because that for a moment- everyone can put political indifferences aside, and remember WHY they got involved in their community. WHY they stood up, and made the sacrifice to become an elected official, and ADVOCATE, for their fellow citizens.

Sometimes it seems like the HUDDLER says the Rosary a lot. But the HUDDLER will be saying a special Rosary that our elected officials gain something from today’s ceremony. That our elected officials REMEMBER why they ran for office, and the oath that they took to serve the constituents in their community, and do so to the best of their abilities.

In closing the HUDDLER wishes the best for Theresa Smith, if she services district 2 in the same fashion she represented her neighborhood communities, district 2 will be well served.

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