Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dan Rooney for Ambassador to Ireland

Mark your calendars - The HUDDLER is giving the Trib Review a big old atta boy on this one. Great article today. In addition there is a lovely article in the Irish Times as well. Folks have been whispering about this one for months. Some are saying that President Obama should appoint the Steelers Patriarch Dan Rooney as Ambassador to Ireland.

The Rooney family has long ties, a history of philanthropy and partnership with the emerald isle. The Rooney family lead by the senior Rooney has made peace in Northern Ireland a family priority over the past thirty years.

THE HUDDLER FULLY ENCOURAGES, SUPPORTS, AND ENDORSES ROONEY AS AMBASSADOR TO IRELAND. The HUDDLER will say a special rosary to this effect. And since the Huddler has decided NOT to waste any ink writing to the PG editorial board concerning their lack of judgement regarding the Blotzer endorsement. The HUDDLER is going to pen a quick letter to our esteemed President Obama to encourage this appointment. The Huddler encourages all of you out in the burghosphere to do the same!!!

The HUDDLER can not think of a more noble campaign to start or work for than this. The picture says it all. The Huddler likes to think that we all have a purpose on this earth. Call it a destiny... The Rooney family has been taking care of Pittsburgh for the past two generations. The HUDDLER can not think of a better PURPOSE for Dan Rooney than Ambassador to Ireland. God Bless you Dan Rooney.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Here's my only concern. Let's say The Troubles flare up again with Sin Fein or whomever, and it occurs during the period leading up to the draft, or during delicate negotiations with some of our defensive studs. Will this cause any problems for the Steelers organization? Because although Rooney may be very deserving, there may be other candidates equally as capable yet less encumbered by other responsibilities.


As much as the HUDDLER would like to think that Mr. Rooney is running the Steelers organization. The HUDDLER is under the impression that Art II (Dan's son) is running the day to day operation.

The HUDDLER was thinking about this long and hard. Is Rooney going to give up the entire football season and watch the games via sateliite? OR is he going to fly back and forth? OR just run operations from stateside?

Perhaps Rooney sees this as an opportunity to semi retire and contribute to two counties he truly loves?

OR perhaps Rooney has NO real interest in the position at all ?

The Huddler likes the quote from the article that basically said, the job is Dan's if he wants it.

Matt H said...

Rooney has little say in the operations from what I understand.