Friday, December 19, 2008


With the passing of the "burgh report" I am pleased to announce the launching of "The Huddler". Like the title says, it is a Pittsburgh blog, political rag, cyber tabloid, and place to hear the word on the street.

For all of yinz english teachers out there in the burgh, please do not expect any pulitzer winning materials here. This is simply a place to talk about the happenings here in our burgh.

I have not decided wether to accept anonymous posts. I am debating on wether to require those who post here to have a registered name with google. Not out of sensorship, but to take a step to make those who post in the burghosphere more accountable for thier comments.

So perhaps the first conversation we can have as a cyber community here on the THE HUDDLER is wether or not anonymous posters should be permitted here in the burgosphere?

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