Monday, December 22, 2008


The Post Gazette and Tribune Review have reported that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied the claim that cell phone records of elected officials are public record.

I am personally torn on this one. However at the end of the day I think justice was served. Public officials have the write to protect thier private communications with constituents, and thier staff. The decision does not prevent law enforcement from accessing records in criminal probes. This decision was a result of a lawsuit filed by the Tribune Review requesting cell phone records of former City of Pittsburgh Council members.

supports this decision and was pleased to see that Justice McCaffrey was the author of the opinion. Justice McCaffrey climbed the ranks from street cop to Supreme Court Justice and is a fine Irish lad to boot who rides Harleys, shoots guns, and is a military veteran. This guy is awesome. Although some of the more academic, ivy league crowd try and bad mouth him. Justice McCaffrey is top notch. His story is a text book case of why Judges need to be elected and not appointed.

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